The extraordinary beauty of the Universe

Welcome to my webpage.

I am Daniele Gasparri, astronomer, astrophotographer and professional science writer, with more than 30 astronomy books published. To  know more about me, click here.


In this website you will learn how amazing and beautiful is our Universe. That grey sky filled with some tiny dots called stars, is just what our eyes see in the highly light polluted cities and it's just a drop in the ocean. The Universe is an amazing place, full of colours, exotic bodies, huge energy and very different from anything we are used to see here on Earth. Let our journey begin! 

Latest works

Wyoming: my finest time lapse video. Click here to see al my time lapse videos.

News and events

Take a look at the web serie about the International Space Station, made possible thanks to the Italian companies Napkin and Pininfarina. In 15 episodes we will learn a lot about the ISS, the space explorations and new objects that will help out lives there and here on Earth. 

I speak in Italian, but there are english subtitles, so enjoy!