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  Saturn 2012
C14 telescope

Fair seeing


  Previous seasons

Fair to good seeing. IR-V-UV image

Poor to fair seeing. R-G-UV image

Animation showing the transit of Thethys and its shadow over the globe of Saturn.

Fair seeing. Saturn shows some low contrast bands on the globe.

Poor seeing. First light of my new DMK21AF04 camera

6 Years of Saturn: changing in the inclination of the rings and evolution of the atmospheric layers. 

Saturn polar projection, assembled with 6 webcam images taken during the 2005 apparition. This confirms that all the details visible in the rings are real and not artifact. Easy to see are the Encke divisione, the Cassini, the inner and thinner C ring.

Cylindrical projection of the southern emisphere, showing the main atmospherical pattern


Poor to fair seeing. The first and last image of 2009 opposition. Saturn shows the rings neary egde on.


Good seeing. Despite far away from the opposition, Saturn shows discrete details on the globe and rings.


Poor to fair seeing. Note the thin inner C ring and the bluish color of the northern emisphere


Good seeing. No activity in the atmosphere and no particular change respect the previous image


Poor to fair seeing. Saturn didn't change much respect the previous year, except for a lower inclination of the rings


Very good seeing. A small WOS visible near the left edge. Finally, the northern regions became visible again. Note the bluish color of the north pole, maybe associated with the lower solar radiation flux arrived because the presence of the rings shadow

Excellent seeing. This is my best picture so far. The planets image during video acquisition was perfectly steady. Many details on the globe and rings. Note the Encks divisione and many others along the rings, until the inner and thinner C ring.

Goos seeing but poor trasnparency. Good detail but too much noise

Good seeing. Saturn far from the opposition shows some interesting features, like the shadow of the globe on the rings


Good seeing. First image with my new telescope, and great iprovement