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Good seeing, Infrared filter and daylight image. A lot of details on Mercury. This is my best shot of Mercury so far

Poor seeing, infrared image


Poor seeing, daylight image with C14 telescope


Poor seeing, daylight image. Same features of the previous images with slow rotation and phase change

Mercury in full daylight with fair seeing shows many details. Compare this image with the previous (right) to see the rotation of the features

Mercury at sunset shows some surface features despite a small 6.2 arcseconds disk

Partial cylindrical projection of the surrface of Mercury shows some albedo features, probably due to che craterization of the soil 

Daylight image at IR-wavelength showing some albedo features

Daylight image at IR wavelength

Mercury and venus, close in the summer sky


My firs image of the planet in broad daylight. Some albedo features visibile and real, since they are present in 2 indipendent movies processed and averaged to compose this image.


Poor seeing. First image of Mercury. No details are visible