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  Mars 2012
C14 telescope

Reprocessing of March 16th image, my best of this opposition


Poor to very poor seeing but lot of clouds

Very good seein. Clouds and haze all over the planet


Fair to good seeing. Orographic clouds over the great volcanoes

Poor seeing, Mars at opposition

Poor to fair seeing

Poor seeing. Orographic clouds over Olympus mons


  Mars previous seasons
C9.25 telescope


Very good seeing. Mars shows still many details, despite a very small disk


Fair seeing. Clouds over Tharsis region. the volcanos and Olympus mons can be seen as small dark dots 


Very good seeing. Some diffuse clouds along the whole disk and many small features. The estimated resolution of this image is about 0.36"


Poor seeing. Some clouds near the Olympus mons (right limb)


First image with the new DMK21AF04 camera. Mars is far away but shows some interesting details. Note the bright clouds near the limb

Good seeing for the first image of the 2010 opposition. Mars shows the north polar cap and some cloud activity near Elysium mons

Poor seeing. Mars shows prominent cloud activity, especially in Tharsis regio


First image of the 2007-2008 apparition. Poor seeing, Syrtis Major near the edge and strong north polar cap

Poor seeing. First image of 2007 apparition. Note the prominent north polar cap.

Fair seeing. The peculiar illumination makes visible two large crater. The first, Huygens, is located at the center of this image. The second, Schiapparelli, is on the lower right egde.

Poor to fair seeing. Tharsis region and the Olympus mons

Fair seeing. The Tharsis regio and the belt of volcanos.


Good seeing. Mars shows some mist around the globe and the Olympus mons rising near the right egde.

Very good seeing. This is my best image so far. Mars shows details under 0,50". Elysium mons visible as a small line in the southern and smooth emisphere.

Fair seeing. High cloud activity, especially near the northern regions (north polar hood)

Bad seeing. First image of 2005 opposition

Fair seeing. Mars is still far away from Earth and shows a priminent phase


Phobos and Deimos captured with a webcam