About me


My name is Daniele Gasparri, I am 25 and I study astronomy at the Bologna University.

The will and curiosity to discover and understand the world is a side of me always present since I was a child.

The passion for the sky was born when the day of my 10th birthday my father purchased me a binoculars (10X50) to observe the panorama. Very soon my curiosity brings me to direct it into the sky, toward a first quarter moon of a late summer night. That moment changed my life forever: that little new world full of craters hypnotized me. From that day, between ups and downs, the passion for the starry night has been always present in my life, so few dyears ago I decided to trasform it in a job, applying to the astronomy course at the Bologna university.

Now I try, with my amateur equipment, to carry out some important research project, with fairly good results, like the discover of a transiting extrasoalr planet, some new variable stars or the study of solar system bodies. My astronomy is a little peculiar and often it goes farther the purely aesthetic side of many amateur astronomers. Frequently, my astronomy is experimental, trying to find new techniques, new incentives, new mwthods of research and study, sometimes seen with a little suspect.

Over the passion for the sky, there is the enthusiasm to comunicate astronomy to other peole in a new, different way and language, triyng to comunicate the deepest side of an image, or an observation. Astronomy is not beautiful pictures, but wonderful ideas arising from a beautiful pictures. Every image contain inside the secrets of our Universe, and their are not generally visibile to the eyes.

Las but not least, I want to thank the most important persons of my life; thhey helped me, they believed (and believe) in me, they invested time, money and patience on me, on my drerams. To my parents for encouraged me; to Silvia to hace lighted my dreams again when they seemed blurred and to take my hand in a new phase of my life

To them the credit of my every (eventual) success

Daniele Gasparri